Paul Seftel


Born and raised in London, Paul Seftel left home at 18 and has lived across the US for the last 25 years. Seftel articulates a dynamic process, emphasizing awareness of internal experience and connection with the sacred. Confronting viewers with the conundrum of time and scale, Paul explores the beauty of what we have and what has been lost, the seen and unseen. From the deepest space Paul’s work exposes what is hidden, providing a new sense of perspective. Coming together and falling apart, patina and entropy appear to be channelled directly from nature and spirit in its infinite rhythms and hues. The world is seen close up and from a great distance, finding moments of epiphany within chaos.




1987- 1992  University College School, London 

1993 - 1995 Edinburgh University & Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland.  

1997 -  2002 Worked in Film Production in London and LA

2003 - 2004 School of Applied Arts, Denver CO.  

2003 - 2007 Interior Arts/ Surface Design Commissions, Vail Colorado

2011 - 2013 Owner/Director of PS Project Space in Chelsea NYC. 




2000 New Buffalo Artist in Residence, Taos NM

2002 Globeville Studios Artist in Residence, Denver CO

2004  Artist Residency, Vail CO

2008  SVA Public Art Summer Residency NYC 

2009 Red 03 Galleria, Artist Residency Barcelona

2009 David and Julia White Artist Residency, Costa Rica

2010 Kalulau Artist Residency, Hawaii

2016 American Tin Cannery, Artist Residency, California


Group Shows


Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, San Francisco 2016

Land + Earth, Alex Ray Projects San Francisco 2016

San Francisco Decorators Showcase 2016

Art Santa Fe, NM, Decker Fine Arts July 2015

Scope Art fair, NYC, Titled Projects March 2015

AAF Hamburg, Thomas and Paul Gallery 2013

An Abstract View, Thomas & Paul Gallery, London  2013

Beautifully Broken, Projekt NYC @ Von Lounge 2013

Holographic Light lounge, Tasmania, 2013

The Traces, PSPS, NYC, 2013

Young Collectors exhibit, Leila Heller Gallery; NYC 2012-13

'Global positioning system' SVA gallery, NYC; 2012

Traveling Light, PSPS, NYC, 2012,

'Its a small small world,' Family Business, NYC; 2012

The Four Elements, PS Project Space , NYC, 2012

Benefit for Ai Wei Wei, White Box, NYC; 2012

'No Comment' Loft in the Red Zone, 23 Wall St, NYC; 2011

Geronimo Intervention -The Armory Fairs NYC- VOLTA, Pulse, ADAA, 2011


RHM Benefit, Marianne Boesky Gallery, NYC 2011


CFDA Council of Fashion Designers of America Lounge Exhibit, NYC, 2010


Alliance for the Arts Auction, Christies, NYC 2010


Art Santa Fe; Volume Black Gallery NYC 2010


'That Gallery' Hong Kong, 2010


Seven Seas Gallery, Nantucket, MA 2010


KiptonArt Santa Monica CA, 2010


Red03 Galleria Barcelona, Spain 2010 


Artists for Dalai Lama, Frankfurt Germany, 2009


Lana Santorelli Gallery NYC 2009


AFI Times Sq Building, United Creators, NYC; 2009


Bang & Olufsen, United Creators, NYC Frankfurt & Istanbul 2009


SVA Public Art Residency Exhibit, NYC, 2008


Paper works’BJ Spoke Gallery, Huntington NY 2008


B & O Munich, United Creators,Frankfurt: Istanbul. 2008


Finding lost Time’ NYC Art in Odd Places. 2008


Lana Santorelli Gallery NYC, 2008


Broadfoot and Broadfoot Gallery, NYC 2007


Kolok Gallery, North Adams, MA 2007


Soke Fine Art. Vail CO 2006



Solo Exhibitions

Bushwick Open Studios 2014, NYC

Light from a Stone, 2012, PSProjectSpace NYC

Color Shift 2012, Baco Gallery, BK NY 

The Ninth Wave 2011, PSProjectSpace NYC

Alchemical Skins 2010, Baco Gallery, BK NY

Post History 2010 - PSProjectSpace NYC.

Totems 2009, Red03 Gallery, Barcelona

Pigment and Patina, 2007 Midoma Gallery, New York, NY

Soke Fine Art, Vail Valley, CO 2006

Globeville Studios, Denver CO 2005, 2004, 2003, 

Woburn Gallery, London WC1 2001

The Engineer, London NW1 2001



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