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Monterey, CA Residency


Recently, I was awarded an Artist's residency here in Monterey, and was given a large studio space next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is room for me to create and grow my practice here in the sleepy and sublime Central California Coast. With a legacy extending back the Robert Louis Stevenson, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, John Steinbeck, Salvador Dali and Jack Kerouac-  this 'artist's colony' has inspired many generations of writers, though it is lost in its slumber when it comes to contemporary art. Nevertheless, maybe we will wake up to this new moment, and along the way, I've been afforded sanctuary, inspiration and place to grow.


An old cannery building turned shopping outlet mall near Cannery Row, the place has been a  white elephant for many years it seems, and so in this interim period, between it being something and becoming something else, this slice of prime real estate on the edge of Monterey Bay, is mine to work and play in. It offers me the perfect artists studio with a wall of window and north facing light, and another 2000 sq ft of internal warehouse / show space. Why Monterey? This is as good a reason as any- artists migrations and cost of real estate all considered, Ive found one of the best deals on the planet here.

There is nothing fixed or stagnant here - rather a voyage of cosmic exploration and self discovery. Here's a glimpse into elemental and invisible forces of nature, light and consciousness that surround and compel us. 

Since moving to California a few months ago there has been so much rain, we've broken the drought and I'm trying not to take my 'rain maker' nature personally. Call me Kokopelli. As the saying goes, "Everywhere you go, you always take the weather". Only a very few have been witness to my conducting of lightning storms. I've had a few close calls - close enough to be blown off my seat and to taste the electricity for days. The rain dance just comes through us as it needs to, we just have to make sure we're ready for what we ask. I'm ready for tides to turn, and as the moon cycles I do my best to stay light when the shade of the dark side casts a shadow onto life. We all take it so personally!

Seftel.Crossing thegreatdivide.48x60.jpg

I've been working with oil again. The luscious nature of the medium seems to out do all others. My constructed surfaces are built over stretched canvas that I've coated with marble powder, quartz, chalk, mica and polymer, before applying aluminium, uv reactive pigment, and other pigments combined with an oil binder.

This piece is titled 'Crossing the Great Divide- ( is like a struggle with God)' and requires no dogma or belief system-- just a conscious mind to observe how everything breaks apart for new fields of vision form. We can never really know what seeing or color actually is. Perhaps it's all just a hologram, a phenomena of light and mind- impossible to truly observe as an act. These paintings are reactions and transformations from a hidden world.