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Crystalizing Moments


Multifaceted, turbulent, rhythmic, do you see and feel the patterns hidden within the crystal waves - in the stars, in yourself,  in light and time? Do you wonder at the universe as it exposes its crystalline form, the intelligence that is bound within us, one and all?


'Darkness within darkness, the gateway to all mystery...'  Worlds once only imagined are now forever exposed, leading us into new dimensions and habitable zones. At the edge of new constructs on the crystalline earth, our mind reaches out into the infinite sky, finding, that this is where we stand in time.  

Titled with deliberate pop culture references that span three centuries- from Van Gogh’s turbulent epiphany of a painting to the contemporary British TV series that questions human reliance on technology; it also infers the Black Obsidian Mirror- the prophet's scrying tool used by Nostradamus and other seers throughout the ages. Poking fun at our desire to describe something in a catchphrase, slogan, or instantly catchy form that presupposes intelligence and understanding, the reference to other art forms also takes the form of a throw away line of a film 'pitch', whilst also trying to identify  and signify thoughts about the nature of universe and the mind.

Created painstakingly from hand made multiple molds of cast himalayan crystals, this large double panel piece is a unique work that can be created in multiple forms, signifying both the individuality and near identical like nature of life forms and multi verses of which we are a part.