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Hexagrams & multi dimensional journeys


Ongoing series exploring the infinite possibilities of shifting atmosphere and light. The influence of our emotions become as visible as the shift between day and light, darkness and night.

The Hexagon enables this infinite opportunity for the spectrum to express itself playfully. Multi dimensional reality converges in a process using limestone, marble dust, quartz, mica as the mineral rich ground mixed with pure pigment. These ancient materials are the building blocks of our planet, our environment, our architecture and civilization- particles of dust reconstituted in form to capture the essence of structure and light.

PaulSeftel_Hexagram1_ 2015_17inches_ dispersion pigmentpolymermineralsoncanvas.jpg

Here in these deep fields of space, the imagination is free to discover and make form from the formless, finding the spark of mind over matter.  Epiphanies may be found as we investigate 'world building', discovering visions within the wash and meaning  from the void.  We may even access 'future knowledge' -from our dreams.  In these mirrors of an intimate cosmos we are allowed to see ourselves as we truly are - like a cloud that becomes a rock - Pure Energy- Always moving, Always still.

Turbulent waves of light - cloaked by atmospheric particles, shimmer in space when seen from afar- like a distant star, and time has left traces of itself of a former age, now obscured as partial fossil.  Here we are, finding ourselves in an ever present past and future space time - discovering that we too are part of the elemental cycle of light in mind and matter...