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Spectral Variance


'Spectral Journey of a Dragonfly' 10ft x 3ft, pigment, minerals and polymer on wood.

This recent accomplished work has been a labor of love, having started it a couple of years, and built up the surface of color slowly and surely to create a prismatic vision. A Garden beyond earthly delight, this abstract elemental forging of metal and light shifts in transcendent electric hues as you move from one side of the wing span to the other. The color created by gold overtones achieved through saturated red, and iridescent blues and purples rift on the edge of the spectrum, born from the magically dark nature of pthalo green.

There's an emotional force in the creation of worlds, forms emerging like nebula and stars exploding, flowers and nature shimmering in the wind, the fires and light of time always present but not always visible. Learning something new about the chromatic scale the old saying red and green will never be seen, communicates to a higher sense in this physical pigment painting capturing the ethereal essence as color forms.

The piece hangs high, as prisms are more easily seen looking up, at 42 degrees, or down on the ground. The spectrum has so many shifting forms in the half light. Being a shapeshifter is the explorative journey of conscious vision- a movement of light in mind between planes and dimensions that encompass human, animal, mineral and vegetable experience. This work encompasses that nature on the edge of lucid dreaming, the places we run into and can't hide from.
Further understanding the mystical poetry of color written in nature red, gold and green- as has been seen in prophecy and dream, this is a shared vision, a journey invoked through the night of the unseen vision, to reveal the light that comes from beyond- from the spectral garden where the truth of life and playful spirit guides preside.

Paul Seftel