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Post Truth America

POST TRUTH. Confronting viewers with the conundrum of time and scale, this series of work exposes what is hidden, providing a new sense of perspective. The world is seen close up and from a great distance.

Presented with a vast collection of stamps to explore by a New York collector, explorer turned accidental philatelist I was struck by the multiple series of cancelled stamps that had been collected by the hundreds and thousands. Each stamp was the same yet had different face markings - post marked, franked, cancelled, killed, they’d been touched by thousands of people and deemed important enough to be stored for decades. Now considered obsolete and worthless, they’d also been discarded from thought. 


Partial words, slogans and dates repeated, leaping into the present from distant decades and states of mind away. Looking deeper, the stamps began to reveal great irony and paradoxes stranger than fiction. Collected by the millions, these smallest of artistic currencies were the first form of mass produced propaganda to travel across the nation and world. Government messages were delivered directly into homes as part of the package. Discovering worlds within worlds in these one inch artifacts, this Post Historic collection captures mediums and messages as one. A time capsule unlocked, untampered found objects, they formed by pure coincidence in memory of time.  

Now at the beginning of the 21st century these remnants are a lost currency, conscious artifacts of a cancelled American culture. This project redelivers a message in a snapshot of time, a vintage ‘meme’ sent from the past to our future selves.

Reimagining the stamps as limited edition large format prints, these thoughtful 'post memes' are now available as collector editions.

The universe appears to have a sense of humor, laughing at us with our ant like perspective.

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