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The cosmos, atmosphere and the environment shape our art.


The Traces.

A Series of 'performative installations' and artist discussions about minerals, pigments and materiality. by Alejandro Epifanio & Paul Seftel. Thursday 24th Jan,  Thursday 31st Jan, Thursday 7th Feb, and Thursday 14th February  6.30 - 8.30pm

The objective is to form a commentary on the physical and metaphysical states of nature in artwork.
It is a driving force for artists to investigate how the elements of nature and multi dimensional life can be captured beyond imitation through their work. At its most fundamental level the investigative part in both Alejandro Epifanio and Paul Seftel’s work is evident from the application of minerals, pigments, glues and resins and other materials that combine to create a piece. The line between painting and sculpture is erased when the pigments and resins take new forms of composition as sculpture and relief, depth of vision and physical dimension combining with new materiality.

In a constant battle between preservation and deterioration, "Islote" by Alejandro Epifanio represents a transformation of form and state that highlights this duality. The "island" of ice and pigment melts away leaving behind a trace of its previous shape, as it transitions from one form to another. Emphasizing aspects of dualism; this work is a phase of exploratory endeavors taken by the artist as it translates to objects.

Other creative influences at work here are science and philosophy, inspired by physics and cosmology; these have provided the artists with a ground for inquiry. It is “the ground” that forms a foundation. Recomposing something natural and supernatural from the elements of earth, color and chemistry, the artist’s are sharing their exploration of creative alchemy. This discovery is not just upon the surface of color, but with the transformational nature of light and form. 

Seftel continues to investigate this play of light on air, his use of color exploring the natural world. The constantly changing phenomena of light affected by environmental atmospheric conditions is captured in the work. This elemental exploration has a cryptic and mystical sensibility that is alive, like a play of words spoken in textures, of scratches and marks, shapes, colors, hues, reactions and visual phenomena directly associated to emotional information and intelligence. These are the stories within dreams cloaked in astral colors, the formless nature of feelings that may only be shared through a visual language. When the artist is successful at this investigation, the work speaks for itself. 

Alejandro Epifanio Juan was Born in Puerto Rico 1982. The artist is inspired by an introspective search and indirectly influenced by the politics, culture, music, theatre and the visual arts of his homeland. Currently, living and working in New York City. In 2001, Alejandro briefly studied sculpture and color theory at La Escuela de Artes Plásticas of San Juan. He moved to New York City in 2002 and concentrated in studies of human anatomy and illustration at The Art Students League of New York. In 2006 he graduated from The School of Visual Arts of Manhattan and obtained his BFA in Painting and Sculpture. Alejandro is now working with Kremer Pigments Inc. and as an Art and Theatre Consultant for the New York City Housing Authority Educational Community Programs(NYCHA).

Paul Seftel was born in London 1974. Having studied studio arts, anthropology and history of art at Edinburgh University and College of Art,  Paul pursued his higher creative education independently. Traveling, working on Film and TV projects, and living in London, LA, New Mexico and Colorado. he created many interior surface finishes combining art, architecture and design, learning formulas and ancient techniques from the building arts. The constant artist, traveler, thinker, the exploration and the journey is the artists path.  Moving to New York in 2007, Paul has been developing work which draws together experience. He also runs PS Project Space, his studio/ workshop/ gallery as an artist incubator developing shows, projects and collaborations.

Close up of evaporated "Islote" by Alejandro Epifanio

Close up of evaporated "Islote" by Alejandro Epifanio