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Travelling Light

Red White Blue 77 x 55" stone and metal minerals on panel.

Red White Blue 77 x 55" stone and metal minerals on panel.


'But Time... how Time first grounds us and then confounds us. We thought we were being mature when we were only being safe. We imagined we were being responsible but we were only being cowardly. What we called realism turned out to be a way of avoiding things rather than facing them. Time... give us enough time and our best supported decisions will seem wobbly, our certainties whimsical.'  from Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes.


Opening Thursday May 10th, 6-9pm. Please join us.

Exploring the self, the human condition, transformation and transcendence, this upcoming show at PSPS brings together sculptural forms, pigment rich abstraction and video to investigate the metaphysical nature of the body, consciousness and experience.

Showing works by Agni Zotis, Stephan Fowlkes, Scott Cousins and Paul Seftel, there are many common threads in thinking and vision of this group of New York artists.  

What we find is a vision that considers bigger questions of consciousness, form and formlessness, finding elegant and direct ways to expound these notions and living realities. A universal and common language appears, these colorful rhythms attempting to communicate the essence of who we are, and where we are, now.

Traveling Light runs from May 10th - June 9th.

Paul Seftel