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The Falling Sky


There is a story of 'The Sun behind the Sun', the source and destination of the mysterious force we know as spiritual power. The Sun illuminates the physical world - the grand illusion, but the “real light” shining in the East - this spiritual light, has been known since Babylonia, Sumeria and Ancient Egyptian times. This Star has a Twin, equal in scale and mass to our Sun, but it has no heat source, it is a cooling star. It is rarely seen and hard to capture, the space between the star and its invisible companion creates a vacuum so dense, it is the brightest and most mysterious star in the sky, our guide through dark waters for millennia...

I wanted to share this years love. Between shock and mourning, personally and collectively, I hope you've also had some epiphanies in this runaway train of a year. Remembering that so much is hidden from view, there's always another way of seeing things. This series explores that and the light from beyond.

The Invisible Twin series has been about navigating through my own uncharted waters, staying focused on the light from above.

PS.  It's so hard to give a real taste of these paintings through pictures. I want your minds to be able to swim in their surfaces and immersive scale