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Political Monster

Post Truth of the Political Monster 48 x60" Mixed media. U.S postage stamps, polymer, iron pigment and oil on canvas

In tune with the current the political insanity, you may remember the work I started with vintage US stamps almost a decade ago and the hidden messages I began finding buried in America's consciousness. On the back burner for a while, I found myself turning up the heat and crawling back into my stamp cave again to see what Post History might have to say about our current state of affairs. Keeping myself entertained, I've slowly developing a series of ridiculous political portraits. Here's the first one- a portrait of Elmo as POTUS.

Coming up trumps, all kinds of secrets and lies have been revealed. I started this piece during the inauguration of POTUS 45. Never will a revolution provide so many comedic moments. Savour them, for sanity. 

The political body is made from cancelled 1966 8¢ airmail stamps, depicting the DC Capitol and a plane. The mouth a darkened and dirty liberty, celebrating free speech and a foul mouth. The nose is Franklin, because he knows...

Tiny hands pass an instrument that measure thickness in 1962 Apprenticeship Program stamp make up the Trump wig that Elmo wears. Strange Truths. All seeing eyes, the Voice of America watches, and can't quite believe what it hears.

The United States Circus, run by Bozo the clown, make up the '45'¢ for the 45th President. The oil slickened field of 2¢ Navajo Jewelry provides the background.