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Magic Bus Art Party, Miami


Producing an interactive art event on a moving double decker London Bus, Paul Seftel Project Space was able to ensure that neither Miami nor the 1967 London bus had quite seen before, what we created. In a marathon throw down of 4 days and nights of pot stirring, jamming, creative expression, a monster of a project, the beast found its own nature getting beyond the lunacy of the artworld commodification.

Creative participant, the bus became a bridge between local and international creative communities drawn together by shared passions and diverse expressions. 


Serious local miami talent come together with artists from London to New Orleans, Texas and California. Terry Casey and Roots QC on the decks inside and out, Loose Willis bringing the live jazz funk to the 3rd deck stage, mixing it up with scratchers and rappers from DJ immortal’s crew, whilst Xhaust1 - fittingly named graffiti artist did a piece on the side of the bus, whilst the crowd grooved and the musicians jammed. It was really quite exceptional.


A universe unto itself Light Harvest's visual Epiphany spun magic inside the 'VIP lounge', transforming the downstairs of the double decker London Routemaster bus into another dimension entirely, a cosmic storm and visceral hallucination made real with projection and LED's.