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The Space Within

Paul Seftel Project Space presents Space Within-  a Sound, Air and Light installation that explores the fine line between the physical, the elemental, and ephemeral sensory experience.


Following the success of The Detroit Ice House and the Fire House projects, installation and sound artists Gregory Holm and Jeffrey Williams continue reconsidering existing spaces and challenging how we perceive ourselves within them. Creating a site-specific collaboration with PSPS, a pneumatic inflatable structure is utilized with banks of lights to alter the perception of Space Within, and create a womb-like experience. Soundscapes by Williams are written in tandem and are considered specifically as part of the process. Sonically occupying the physical space within the transient volume,  the result is a highly evocative experience of an ephemeral sensory nature.

Photo by Steven Speliotis

Photo by Steven Speliotis

Space Within is intended to be experienced by small groups of people, entering into the installation for performance happenings. The project runs through December into the new year and is being considered as an incubation period in which the form of the experience is created and developed in situ throughout the run of the show.

The relationship between the elements present, created a meditative and seductive experience. A physical and virtual cloud is penetrated where flickering light and resonant sound forms come alive. How we occupy and are occupied within space are considered as part of the immersive and dynamic enclosure. The sense of being enveloped in light fields and sound waves has been an ongoing research for generations of Artists.  Prevalent in the 1970’s, pneumatic inflatable structures are again re-appearing like the Tardis as we collectively seek to redefine the space we choose to occupy, and find what resonates and inspires in the process.

On Thursday the 22nd December, there were two performances of 'Soft Corners' in The Space Within. Prepared piano, soprano and baritone Margaret Cassetto and Stephan Bobalik interacted with choreographed light.  The event was filled to capacity. Feedback and interpretations were wild and the experience had a deeply penetrating effect- with a range of comments and conversations that happened  describing it as "an industrial mating call" to "feeling like Jonah in the belly of a Whale." A job well done, our collective inspirations were amplified in subtle and powerful ways. It required no suspension of disbelief, the soft floor, rippling silk, and dry warm blowing air lulling the audience into a state of relaxation, before taking the heart mind and soul on a sound and light trip.  

It provoked some profound reactions and I am truly thankful! It has been a really exciting project to collaborate and produce.