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American Patina

American Patina

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18 x 24" signed artist edition of 300

36 x 48" signed artist editions of 100

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Archival artist prints on 310GSM Matte Textured Artists Paper with 2 inch white border. Shipped in a heavy duty poster mailing tube. Includes Shipping and Insurance in the Continental US. International Shipping Extra. Fits in standard 18 x 24 inch or 36 x 48 inch frames with or without matte. 

Moving from the desert southwest and rocky mountains back to the east coast on 2007, I was living in NYC when I decided to stick 10,000 'Navajo Jewelry' 2¢ stamps onto huge canvases. Painting the American flag over them with metal rich pigments, rusted tracks of a patinaed culture, it was a reaction to the native ground we stand on, and a nod to Jasper John's in the History of Art. The high holy flag, washed into the people's brains cradle to grave. True meaning and values are often lost, going unnoticed hidden in the details. This was my 2 cents.

The exploration of propaganda and iconography has always fascinated me as a brain washing tool. Look how Warhol turned communist ideals of the utilitarian soup cans into the highest echelon of capitalism in art... 

The spirits were pleased and rewarded me a vast collection of cancelled stamps, from which these other post truth stamps were unveiled.