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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

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18 x 24"  Artist Edition of 300

36 x 60" Artist Edition of 30


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Signed and numbered editions, archival artist prints on 310GSM Matte Textured Artists Paper with 2 inch white border. Shipped in heavy duty poster mailing tube. Includes Shipping and Insurance the Continental US. 4 x 6" Postcard Open Edition, Signed, stamped and mailed USPS includes postage.  International Shipping Extra

BLACK LIVES MATTER. 1956 3¢ Centennial of Booker T. Washington’s birthday. 

Born a slave in 1856, Booker T. Washington helped establish more than 5000 small community schools for black children throughout the south. He was the first freed slave, the first black man to dine at the White House with a President, Theodore Roosevelt.

A true founding father and inspiration in the fight for education over incarceration, the location of the cabin where he was born in Franklin County Virginia, pictured on the stamp, is now a National Park. Devastating but true, still millions of undereducated children in America are incarcerated, many of them in prisons for profits, exploited to fill private corporations pockets with taxpayers money. They're paving roads, making license plates, shoes, clothes, you name it. Prison jobs, government contracts, private company providers, it's an unholy trinity of big money. Tearing families and communities apart, generations of young black men have been locked up for petty reasons to become hardened and resentful by experience. We could have invested in universal education and it'd be a learned, balanced, discerning and understanding population. Could have been such a simple fix, the switch to education instead of incarceration. 'Could have been a contender'! We the people versus Profit. You can thank Profit for this legacy of institutional racism. It's been all of our loss.