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Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions

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18 x 24"  Artist Edition of 300

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Archival, signed and numbered artist prints on 310GSM Matte Textured Artists Paper with 2 inch white border. Shipped in a heavy duty poster mailing tube. Includes Shipping and Insurance in the Continental US. 4 x 6" Postcard edition is signed, stamped and mailed USPS. International Shipping Extra.

CHEMICAL REACTIONS. 1951 3¢ 75th anniversary of the American Chemical Society. 'STRIKE BACK AT CANCER’ slogan cancel.

The American Chemical Society has always been right behind the American Cancer Society. Despite being the worlds largest organization of chemists and chemical engineers, the ACS has almost 140,000 members, and an unfortunate legacy in the growth of cancer through atmospheric polution, food and product development here on Planet Earth.

Pictured here are instruments related to chemical work - an alembic, hydrometer, and ionization indicator. Above the initials ACS a phoenix rises from the fires of a crucible, behind the slogan cancellation mark : Strike Back at Cancer, Give to the American Cancer Society.

Cancer has been given so generously, increasingly for 150 years. The ACS has tested us all in one way or another, forcing us to rise from the ashes. So in answer to the age old question about the chicken and the egg, which came first: chemicals or cancer? Ask the Phoenix, they'd say it's all just business and business is booming. The chemical business serves the cancer business, the cancer business serves the chemical business. Health insurance companies, government subsidies and charitable giving keep them all in business.