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Post Truth Book PDF

Post Truth Book PDF


American Stamps and Dreams

80 Pages. Full Color PDF includes more than 40 high resolution unique found stamp stories.


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American history is seen through cancelled postage stamps. The arts of collecting, communication and propaganda come together in these found mediums and messages. This contemporary vision from the smallest of art forms was found by Artist Paul Seftel over the last decade. These post modern American dreams are like lost memories in cancelled messages, capturing a story from our grandparents sent to our future grand children.

Drawing together this hundred year survey of Post American dreams, the effects of time leap out of history as we watch the wheel of karma turn, and accept how we have created our stories. 2017 has been a time capsule of a year, and we’ve been watching our past and future merge into new and virtual realities. This age of Post Truth we’re living in raises unsettling view points, pushing at boundaries and exposing undercurrents of all kinds that have come to the surface now. 

Shifting sentiments about America and its origins, this book of found stamps has taken a decade to produce, and reveals hidden roots to our collective stories. Remnants of a post dated American culture, the medium is the message, and the universe has a sense of humor, laughing at us with our ant like perspective. Untampered with, it is as if they’d been sent from our grandparents to future generations. Letters, words and dates echo across the decades, leaping into the present from different states of minds away. Forgotten history, truth, irony and paradox huddle together, awaiting release in the catapult of time.