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Smokey Says Resist

Smokey Says Resist

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18 x 24"  Artist Edition of 300

36 x 60" Artist Edition of 30


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Archival, signed and numbered artist prints on 310GSM Matte Textured Artists Paper with 2 inch white border. Shipped in a heavy duty poster mailing tube. Includes Shipping and Insurance in the Continental US. 4 x 6" Postcard Edition is signed, stamped and mailed USPS. International shipping extra.

RESIST. 1962 4¢ National Apprenticeship Program. ‘Remember - only you PREVENT FOREST FIRE’ slogan cancel.

Tiny hands pass an instrument that measures thickness - as in how thick is a piece of paper, rather than the thickness of a log or a president's mind or skin. Similar tools were used last century for racial profiling. What do we have to learn from this apprentice in Chief ?

This stamp foreshadows our reality TV President 45, the ridiculousness of time and the unexpected resistance by the National Park Service to out of touch environmental policy.

It reminds us to be ever vigilant, as we will spend the next many years putting out the political and environmental fires the Apprentice in Chief is starting. The country has been turned into a reality show to measure his own 'greatness' on his own terms.

Thankfully America is Great, and YUUGE, just deeply, self absorbed and troubled. The best things about it are our National Parks. Great treasures of natural wilderness of every climate and range. unexpected places that inspire and delight, protected intentionally from man's ravaging desire and burning touch.

Yes Smokey Bear Says RESIST!

Remember Only You Prevent Forest Fire