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Temple of the Rock

Temple of the Rock

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18 x 24"  Artist Edition of 300

36 x 60" Artist Edition of 30


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Signed and numbered editions, archival artist prints on 310GSM Matte Textured Artists Paper with 2 inch white border. Shipped in heavy duty poster mailing tube. Includes Shipping and Insurance the Continental US. 4 x 6" Postcard Open Edition, Signed, stamped and mailed USPS includes postage.  International Shipping Extra

TEMPLE OF THE ROCK 1962 4¢ New Mexico Statehood ‘CATHEDRAL’ slogan cancellation.

The Navajo sacred site called Tse Bitai - The Winged Rock is also known as Shiprock. On the Navajo reservation in North Western NM, it is the geological remnant of an eruption 30 million years ago and the remaining basalt core of an extinct volcano. However according to legend, it's all that remains of the giant bird that carried the Navajo to New Mexico. The stories tell of the original Navajos living on the rock, only coming down from its peak to plant and water their crops. One day, when the men were off the rock, lightning struck it leaving them no way to get back to the top, or for the women and children to come down for food and water. Considered a sacred place and the Dineh (Navajo) don't climb it as they don't wish to disturb the spirits.

There is a place nearby where people have been known to climb called Cathedral Cliffs. perhaps it's all a testament to the mythic history of Earth. Explore the temple. Remember it is our mother and goddess. Everything echoes inside the chamber.