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Women's March

Women's March

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18 x 24"  Artist Edition of 300

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Signed and numbered editions, archival artist prints on 310GSM Matte Textured Artists Paper with 2 inch white border. Shipped in heavy duty poster mailing tube. Includes Shipping and Insurance the Continental US. 4 x 6" Postcard Open Edition, Signed, stamped and mailed USPS includes postage.  International Shipping Extra.

1959 3¢ Women in Our Armed Services. ‘BUILD YOUR FUTURE WISELY SAFELY’ slogan cancel.

The image of the women was taken from a recruiting photograph from the Department of Defense. Women have been involved in nearly all U.S. military conflicts since the American Revolution. It wasn’t until World War II, that they were officially allowed to serve in the military. More than 40,000 women served in the armed forces during World War II, contributing to the Allied victory. About 75% of those women held jobs, as typists, clerks, and mail sorters. Although they were not permitted to be in the front lines, their contributions on the home front allowed more men to be sent to war. Behind every good man is a great woman.

Not equally supported in the war at home, women's rights have come along way yet many necessary fires still rage in the battles against subjugation and sexual objectification, equal pay in the workplace, reproductive rights, women's health issues and gender equality. Personally, I've always been a feminist, and it's important to be able come out and say "I stand for equal rights and justice". Behind every great woman is a good man. Male and female is personal, subjective, interpretive. Simply we are to each other, equal.